Express Yourself

As a writer, I consider myself an artist. It is as simple as that. Because artists express themselves through some form of creativity as an extension of who we are. From my poem Think About It, to be featured in my book, “Getting lost is a part of life. The story only comes when you decide to try to find yourself again.” Creativity and expression happen when we find ourPlaceholder Imageselves lost in something; they’re how we figure out who we are. There are no boundaries, no limits, and no true lines to cross. There are only words to say, figures to draw, and moves to make in order to say something louder than our voices ever could. And in this way, artists are the unspoken, the quiet ones; the ones who have something to say but never quite say it aloud. Because sometimes, there are things we hide within ourselves, within our art, that we cannot face until we are forced to. And in that moment, our voice is the loudest one in the room and in the end, it’s the only one that matters.

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