Thank You For Your Example

This is lovely, thank you Jo.

The Daring Adventure of Life

Haven’t blogged in awhile… honestly just haven’t had the desire. There is a certain mood I have to be in for writing and without it, unfortunately there’s really nothing that prompts me to update this blog. Something about the combination of this cloudy Sunday afternoon, being sick and trying to avoid the homework I know would be a rational way to spend my time though makes for the perfect situation to blog.

I never know how open to be when writing these posts. There’s a certain awareness that I really have no clue who reads my blog and thus, it’s a bit difficult to establish a sense of who my audience is and consequently how honest I should be with said audience. With this in mind, I am tempted to keep everything emotional to myself, just sharing some of the truly amazing travel experiences I am so grateful for, throwing…

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All the Little Big Things

After a week of working, balancing (or not balancing), studying, and stressing, congratulations everyone; we've made it through another week. For the quarter system students, this is the hard part to get through— midterms started weeks ago and from now on they don't really stop. We are all trying to just hold on until Thanksgiving…Read more All the Little Big Things

Before and After– As the Glass Breaks

Have you ever heard that metaphor about the breaking glass? I heard it on How I Met Your Mother, it goes something like this: There are a lot of little things about life that we don’t notice or don’t really see until someone tells us. We don’t see it until we have nowhere else to…Read more Before and After– As the Glass Breaks