Bookworms–In the Last Five Years

When I stumbled upon this book, I didn’t realize that the characters in it would be in the same situation but for very different reasons. But it got me out of my life for a little while and into another pair of shoes. Into another city, another life. This story is heartwarming and sad and a slight rollercoaster too, one that I think was worth the (in my opinion) short read. So without further ado, here it is.

When the System and Institution is Broken

No matter where we end up on the other side of the pandemic, there are a lot of issues that have gone unaddressed to the point where they not only devalue the daily lifestyle of people of color, but they endanger them when things like this happen. From societal allowances for racism to systematic ones for disproportionate health care, there are certain things that will not change unless we address them both inside and outside of this pandemic.

Rise and Shine OR Rise and Grind: In Consideration of Circumstance

Rise and grind culture reflects our larger society, the society that just about all of us work and participate in. Even when there is a whole lot going on around the world and so many people are facing countlessly different situations, acting as if right now is the perfect time to buck up and buckle in to get work done is a problematic mindset to perpetuate.