What is Community to You?

Over the past two weeks, I have had the privilege to virtually step out from my little bubble at home and interview alongside about 30 prospective clinical psychology graduate students throughout the country. It was incredible to meet so many different people from countless walks of life who are all looking to pursue the same career. While we all came from separate backgrounds and experiences, there was one question the majority of my interview group answered almost identically, one after another— our answers are those I think would have offered some solace and maybe also lit some confidence in me had I known them going into college.

Returning to Firefly Lane, Netflix Version

A lot of people will argue that books are better than movies, but I can’t say I have ever tried to argue books versus a Netflix series… So how about it? Maybe you’ve heard of Firefly Lane, after all, it seems to have been at the top 10 in the US for the past few weeks. I did a book review on this one a few years ago, and when I saw it coming to Netflix, you could say that I was excited to see an adaptation pan out.

Has Black History Month Changed?

I’ve written quite a few posts before about this month, what it means to people, and the education we both have and haven’t received about Black history. Today, I’m writing about some new thoughts: the way we celebrate BHM changes depending on the context we’re living/celebrating in and especially as we’ve seen this last year, the perspective you place on that celebration.