When Social Media Becomes Oppression– Our Part to Play

This "challenge" was, in fact, not just about empowering women and strength. It was so much more than that and it was not at all what people believed it to be. Instead of being what many initially thought, this movement ended up getting buried under black and white selfies of women who changed the meaning of what it was supposed to be; even though many may have had good intentions, it had an oppressive impact nonetheless.

Reopening Higher Education– The Unasked Question

Have you ever avoided taking care of something because you know it will cost more money than you can afford to spend right now? It’s like hearing your car make a weird noise when it first starts up and ignoring it for months that turn into years until suddenly you’re stuck in the parking lot…Read more Reopening Higher Education– The Unasked Question

What it Means to Make Plans in 2020

I need to acknowledge something I think a lot of people are struggling with. Control. Every time we make plans, they change; either that or as all the plans we want to make are no longer possible/safe/necessary the way we thought them to be. Between the fast-paced news headlines and people with plenty of questions, a lot of us are not sure where we stand with what’s going on around us anymore.

Poetry Place– Processing and Protest

Whatever works for you might not work for everyone else and what you and someone else needs may not be the same, but when these areas do intersect, that’s when things get interesting. Lately, people have been protesting through ways that you wouldn’t expect them to be, from violin vigils to massive group yoga sessions in the middle of intersections. Though each are across the board in how we interact with them, they are all forms of expression, self-care, and protest at the same time. Poetry is no different.

5 Lessons Learned as the College Class of 2020

This week, I received confirmation that my diploma has been awarded and I am, in fact, no longer a student. As I wait for that piece of paper in the mail, I figured what better way to recognize that than to share with you a few things that I take with me from both inside and outside the classroom as I move into my new role as part of the working world.