We Have One Job

For those of you who may need it, I’ve collected a bit of information on options and the different ways to get your votes in. Not all options are created equal, especially at this point in the voting process, so stick around if you’re looking for some important info to know before you take action. This will be quick— you’ve got things to do after all.

Slowing Down and Settling In

There’s still a possibility to find comfort in so much that is unknown around us because we know that most people are probably in a similar spot too. If you need a reminder of that, check out this article in the New York Times by Melissa Klein about that awkward in-between state many people are finding themselves in right now. I say lean into it; can’t get out, so why not lean in, right?

A Carpe Diem Approach to Feeling Stuck in a 2020 Rut

Have you ever wanted to learn something from a really large company, maybe attend one of their cool conferences or see someone speak, but it just wasn’t going to work out for you? There could have been countless barriers in the way, from bad timing to ticket prices. In a lot of cases, there are incredible events happening around the world and for one reason or another, people cannot access them.

5 Ways to Welcome Fall in the Time of Covid

With work, politics, and even stress a whole lot harder to escape from these days, it seems like we need to build our own. In a time that people are searching for change and looking to make space for a bit more relaxation, now seems like a good time. I’ve personally been getting caught in a rut with both my work and my personal creativity lately— I’m hoping for something to shake things up even a little bit. ‘Tis the season as they say.