Beating the Burnout–3 Ways to Keep Yourself Going

This year has been the perfect storm for multiple kinds of burnout and I’ve been seeing a whole lot of frustrated posts from friends on social media the past few weeks. If you’re struggling with figuring out how to balance out your responsibilities or need a way to step back from them altogether, you’re in the right place.

Weighing the Options—2020 Grad School Style

As a topic that I began worrying about a long time ago and still haven’t come to a decision on, weighing the pros and cons of further education right now is something I wanted to bring to a larger audience. I know I’m not the only one in this position and maybe if you’re also in these shoes, you can add to the conversation too.

Taking Action For Our Mental Health–Beyond Suicide Prevention Month

When it comes to suicide prevention month, it’s often boiled down to “check in on people” or “ask for help when you need it.” Unfortunately, these statements may not acknowledge the need to check back in on ourselves, differences in healthcare access, and even the roles different systems play in impacting our stress and lifestyles. Besides looking into the resources and options in the links I’ve posted above, there are ways to actively both take care of yourselves and your loved ones right now.

Wakanda Forever– Reminders from a King

This year has been hard, and I can tell you exactly where I was or who told me when I heard about Kobe. I wasn’t expecting that, and I wasn’t expecting this either; those are only two examples of far too many losses that people have gone through this year. We aren’t exactly promised a whole lot in our lives and unfortunately, 2020 hasn’t been the kindest to many of you. I can’t tell you what the future brings, and I am hopeful that something good is coming for us, but I am also hopeful that we can realize sometimes the good has to be whatever we make happen for ourselves.

Firefighters and Fieldworkers– Aiding California’s Essential Workers

Right now, California is on fire. I will be telling you some of what’s happening, but even more so, I’m sharing resources. Not only are these resources about where to find more information on staying up to date consistently as time goes on, but they’re also going to tell more about how to assist two kinds of people: those who are working to fight the fires and those who are working in the fields to keep us fed so we don’t have to.

Pouring from an Empty Cup

You can’t pour water for anyone else or quench your own thirst if your cup is already empty. With a global pandemic that has been draining as people try to isolate, work, study, navigate friendships, protest, adjust to change, and do so much more in, we’ve all been doing a lot. This pandemic has been a bit like turning up the heat and unfortunately, a lot of people didn’t adjust how much water they were drinking every day or how much they attended to themselves and their own needs throughout it.

Shooting for the Stars

The Crew Dragon's return this past week is something so outside of my realm that even though I don’t know a whole lot about it, it’s still pretty exciting and maybe you’re asking yourself why. Well, it’s because this was the final test flight of the final crew Dragon, and not only was this a major opportunity to watch history happen, but it was largely emblematic of where we’re all at in our lives. I mean, just look at one of the people who was in that launch.

When Social Media Becomes Oppression– Our Part to Play

This "challenge" was, in fact, not just about empowering women and strength. It was so much more than that and it was not at all what people believed it to be. Instead of being what many initially thought, this movement ended up getting buried under black and white selfies of women who changed the meaning of what it was supposed to be; even though many may have had good intentions, it had an oppressive impact nonetheless.

Reopening Higher Education– The Unasked Question

Have you ever avoided taking care of something because you know it will cost more money than you can afford to spend right now? It’s like hearing your car make a weird noise when it first starts up and ignoring it for months that turn into years until suddenly you’re stuck in the parking lot…Read more Reopening Higher Education– The Unasked Question

What it Means to Make Plans in 2020

I need to acknowledge something I think a lot of people are struggling with. Control. Every time we make plans, they change; either that or as all the plans we want to make are no longer possible/safe/necessary the way we thought them to be. Between the fast-paced news headlines and people with plenty of questions, a lot of us are not sure where we stand with what’s going on around us anymore.