To be or not to be Enough

I was going to write a sentimentaljourney.jpg blog post tonight about everyone starting school back up again, friends leaving for college, and the next generation embarking on their journey into the real world but… I wanted to share something special with you all instead. So I wrote a poem, one that’s different from the one’s I usually write.

This one is about a woman’s worth. I was inspired after watching Rupi Kaur in the live TED talk last week (question everything) and I feel that it is something special, something woman flowers.jpgessential for others to see. Sometimes, our own worth comes from within ourselves. Yet sometimes, maybe we can be lucky enough to have others remind us too.

And for anyone who asks, the pictures come royalty free from Getrefe on Tumblr. Their shots are fantastic so check them out too.


I really do love him.

But is that enough for you?

He is all I have left.

So are those bruises he

gave you last night

It was an accident.

Isn’t it always?

You just don’t understand.

Understand what, that

you’re better than this?

No! That he loves me…

I think he loves using you,

Stop it.

And I think he loves hitting you,

Stop it!

And I think that you don’t realize

that a part of you—




Please stop,

she whispered as her reflection

stared right back at her.

This was too much, far too much to know and not

enough willpower to understand.

I can’t—

Yes you can. You just need

to let yourself.

But what if I can’t stand on my own?

I am nothing without him.

You are you, isn’t that enough?


It barely came as a whisper.

Listen to me.

Please, look at me.

She looked up.

Never, ever let anyone make

you feel like you are anything 

less than enough.

You hear me?

She nodded, tears staining her cheeks

through the scars on her face.

You will always be enough.

Go find yourself someone who

can treat you like you deserve.

Every single day, women are degraded,

treated like nothing,

as if they are something less than people.

These women are worth so much more than that.

They live.

They breathe.

And they are worth everything in this world.

So before anyone ever tries to show her

that she is not good enough,

smart enough,

pretty enough,

Loved enough.

I hope there is someone to tell her that

she deserves it all and not a bit less.

Because we are all people

who love other people

and maybe we all deserve

someone to love us back

As if we are enough.

bicycle sunset.jpg

If you find the right people, you will always be enough.

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