little-lightsIn the spirit of Black History Month, I did some writing after the spoken word performance last Wednesday. Before I knew it, pen was running on paper and this is what I had left in my hands. It’s funny how you find inspiration in all the places you never think to look. This year, I have been paying more attention to the people around me, who I am, and what this month means to me. In doing so last week, somehow I found a new rhythm to run with, so without further ado, here is my new poem and I hope you enjoy it— feel free to leave any comments below!


Black Excellence


How to write a love song, how to feel inspired

when things just ain’t so pretty—

my people are so tired.

What about the times you left us

shot down on the streets,

for making music out of tragedy,

for walking to our own beats?

shadows-on-mountainWhat about the rest of us,

the writing on the wall,

the scripture found within our hearts

when He says, let the future fall

where it may? For we have a right to stand

to ride out in the heart of the storm

in a holy war, of love but so much hate

of anything but silence for he said

We have a dream.

To let our hearts sing with the faith that we bring,

sing it out sing it loud, give your brothers and sisters

a hand.

For we are beautiful, we are strong,

this world is all we’ve got.

This is our day, this is our chance,

raise your voice and take a stand,

as we are searching for the truth

in a world where promises come with fingers crossed.

But we are not lost.

As we stand together, right fist high in the airProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

that is not America, that is not the beauty we see,

that is cutting us down at the knees.

This idea we stand for is so much more than a crowd of people

with something to say, something to believe in

and no way to have their voices heard.

This is more than America, this is more than a stand,

this is more than than any one of us.

For you look at my skin and I know what you see:

light-mountainA hoodie, or some skittles,

maybe everything you think we would be.

Because they say black lives matter

but their actions do not make sense

when I see beauty, I see strength,

I see everything we are.

For this is a stand, these are our voices,

and this,

this is what we call Black excellence.

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