1619 vs. 1776

Last week, I told you all about a teach-in on campus—those were the seminars, free for students to learn about culture or race or just start a dialogue on how different topics present themselves in our lives. I enjoyed it all and it got me thinking a lot about identity and how I define myself as a whole. But there is something we learned about that I hadn’t heard before and it was a huge thought process to look into… Chances are, you haven’t heard about it either.

From History to History Makers– BHM Week 4

Black History Month Week 4 and today I want to tell to you about something that isn’t quite our history yet— here are some of the people who are in the process of making black history. If you saw Obama’s tweet this week then you know what I mean when I say that young people…Read more From History to History Makers– BHM Week 4