I haven’t tried my hand at metered poetry enough in my life and I’ve never been one to have a lot of big news, but today’s your lucky day— looks like I’ve got a little bit of both to share with you. andreas-kind-338509

First, the Haikus.

If you’ve been following my blog posts for a while now, you might remember that I went to a monthly show at my school called Another Type of Groove in February for the celebration of Black History Month. At the show, I watched people get up and perform countless kinds of poetry or spoken word, before being introduced to Judah 1 and his art with dirty Haikus.

Yes, those are exactly what they sound like.

But because of those Haikus, dirty or not (they were very entertaining), I was introduced to another kind of poetry that I hadn’t spent the time to be fully immersed in yet. I decided to change that.

So without further ado, here are some of my own haikus:

Number One:

jose-a-thompson-206102Open eyes that see

no light; that is not honest,

but artless facade

Number Two:

Sometimes I wonder

why you can’t understand that

you make me nervous

Number Three:

I want to wake up

and find the hole in my chest

no longer empty

prabuddha-sharma-180986Number Four:

Your body is the

foreign script I had never

learned to translate

Number Five:

They say my skin is

black but my insides still bear

a whitewashed canvas


Any thoughts on those? Feel free to leave me some comments below, I would love your feedback!

And now for the Big News:

This year at Cal Poly, I have been accepted as one of the many female writers of Her Campus. Now what is Her Campus you ask? Well, it is “the #1 new-media brand for the empowered college woman. Written entirely by the world’s top college journalists – with 11,000+ contributors and counting… supplemented by local content from 350+ campus chapters nationwide and in 11 countries.”

cassie-boca-385643.jpgYou can take a look at the national organization here, which has its own body of editors, writers, interns, etc. as a journalism and article hub for aspiring writers. If you want to take a look at the part of the organization I just joined, it is specifically Cal Poly’s female identified student body within the Chapter Network, which you can take a look at here.

As a writer, I submit pitch forms, ideas, and use the platform as a place to publish my own work as well as have a voice and network with countless incredible women who share my passions. At Cal Poly, we are ranked as as a Pink Level Chapter, meaning that we are in the top 20% of all chapters out of the 330+ across college campuses nationwide.

For me, Her Campus is a big step towards my future in both writing and publishing; it can open a lot of doors for me. This was the third time I had applied to be a writer with HC on Cal Poly’s campus and well, I guess the third time really was a charm. My first article, co-written with several other women in the club just went up this week and you can check it out right here!

So I just want to say thank you to each of you, for coming along on this journey with me and checking in every week— big things are happening andthomas-kelley-276597.jpg I can’t wait to see where I end up next (hopefully finishing my novel, but you know…)

Happy Veterans Day, thank you to all those who serve in our country, and as always, have a wonderful weekend everyone 🙂 Until next time

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