simon-matzinger-603033-unsplashWhether you’re starting off at a new school, taking on another year of your journey, tackling a new job, or finding your feet, this post is for you.

Beginnings are terrifying, no matter what it looks like. Going into college, I was excited but also scared. Starting my job at Target this summer, it was a lot to adjust to. Even starting a new novel that I’m ready to take on still holds a lot of uncertainty.

Because each of them has a starting point, somewhere to begin. But not a single one of them has a plan once that beginning is over.

There is no roadmap for what happens next.

And that part terrifies me. If the concept of not knowing what can happen next doesn’t scare you, at least a little, first of all I need to know how you conquered the epitome of adulting. And second of all, I need to know if a beginning can possible still hold all the possibility it does without a little fear mixed in. Because it seems like every new step has something uncertain to go with it.

And personally, that’s how I know it’s okay.

I’ve been out of high school for two years now and I’m about to be a junior in college. A junior. I know people say this a lot, but time really does pass you by whether those times were easy or not. I’m at the point in my life where I’m supposed to have things figured out now, at least have some idea of where I’m going. And I have that.

But I don’t know how to get there. There isn’t a list of to-do’s that I need to check off or a step-by-step layout of how to succeed, sometimes we have to take on new things even when we don’t know how it’s going to work out. I’ve been told that in this scenario, you can be one of three people:

Some people just wing it constantly and end up right where they need to be.

Meanwhile, other people have things all planned out— t’s crossed and i’s dotted— before they end up where they need to be.

And of course, you can’t forget the people who haven’t quite gotten to where they want to be yet. Does that mean they should settle with where they are or should they go all in?

What about person #4, those whos don’t fit into any of these three people— you might have a bit of person one mixed with person three, etc. There has to be some way to find a balance and find your path in the process.

Having only three options is never this simple.


Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

When it comes to new beginnings, the only thing that can hold you back is yourself. If your scared, that’s okay. You’re starting off on something new and it’s supposed to be fun and exciting, plus a little bit crazy. It’s supposed to scare you.

None of us are perfect and even when there is a plan for everything you plan to do, you can’t plan for what someone else might do. All you need to get going is a starting point.

If i’m being honest, that’s the only thing you can count on. The rest will let the pieces fall where they may.

Don’t use a plan or a roadmap as a crutch rather than another starting point.

Something I’m beginning to understand as I take on more beginnings in my life is that you only get out of them as much as you put in; if you hold on too tightly to what you think it should look like, it will never be as good as it could be.

So be person #4. Find your own balance between winging it and planning things out— don’t settle until you’re happy enough to be okay with it. If it’s a new year or a new school with new people, figure out who you want to be and be that person, let yourself fail at a few things until you find your feet. If it’s a new job or the beginning of a

journey you haven’t quite defined yet, trust yourself. Trust that you can handle whatever comes your way.

Make this next beginning everything you want it to be, even if it’s not on your first try. Just keep going. Because beginnings are kind of beautiful and they’re the only guaranteed part of the process. So make the most of it. And good luck to all of us.

Here’s to whatever comes next.

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