Take a deep breath because it has been quite the week, hasn’t it? 

If you were like a whole lot of people this week, you might have been clued into what was going on in the news and the polls even when you didn’t necessarily want to be. Maybe you even told yourself that everything was fine, and the world wouldn’t catch on fire even if you took a tiny break from election news so you could take a shower, eat something, or try to get some work done.

Because we’re busy people, we’ve got things to do. And yet, for a lot of people, all those things were slightly interrupted this week.

At home, I found myself on the way to the fridge for lunch and somehow distracted at the open door not by food, but by the election map pulled up on my phone instead.

While working on one thing or another for my job, I know how to keep my phone far enough away from myself so I can get things done. But election results have been a click away all week when I’m on the computer or in between webinars… I mean each time I look, it’s only a quick check, right? 

And for some people who like the background noise—I have a thing for YouTube’s coffee shop lo-fi playlists—it’s easy to have election results playing as you go on with your day so to a point, it can be a bit hard not to get caught up in it all.

No matter what party you stand for, there are moral and political issues that have a lot of people anxious about what happens next. Instead of processing that or all of the “no matter what candidate wins” statements I’ve seen floating around social media, I’m going to remind you that with every major political event, there is also a large output of one grand thing.


A lot of us have been tuned in all week and well, maybe you need a break. Even if you don’t feel like you need one, I’m here to provide some reprieve anyway.

As that break, this blog post will be a collection of a few memes and jokes I’ve come across on Twitter and a few other places this week that I know I’ve found quite funny or relatable at the same time. Some of them might be politically satirical while others are simply just funny. In all of them, I’m hoping you can find a little humor even if you don’t fully understand each.

So, without further ado, if you haven’t taken a break from serious election content then here is one way to do so with with a collection of eight jokes.


Did you see the Georgia flip? Shoutout to Stacey Abrams, here’s a clever play on words for this short video.


Here’s an Avengers parody video; this one got pretty popular pretty quickly today.


With that last video, I feel like this is only a great time to bring a relevant meme back into play. Check out the third photo:


This whole election has felt like a whole lot of two old men yelling at one another, has it not?


For my various Avatar the Last Airbender fans, this one felt far too relatable.


“Stop the count” has become a popular phrase, or a meme I guess.


If you’ve been staring at the election results for too long and you’ve seen the movie marriage story, well you probably recognize this.


And cheers to Nevada counting ballots, shoutout to all poll workers out there.

Well, with all of these memes, I hope you’ve enjoyed these and found at least a laugh in them. I’m sure it’s been quite a week, so do whatever you’ve got to do to take care of yourselves this weekend. Happy Friday everyone.

See you next week!

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