Pouring from an Empty Cup

You can’t pour water for anyone else or quench your own thirst if your cup is already empty. With a global pandemic that has been draining as people try to isolate, work, study, navigate friendships, protest, adjust to change, and do so much more in, we’ve all been doing a lot. This pandemic has been a bit like turning up the heat and unfortunately, a lot of people didn’t adjust how much water they were drinking every day or how much they attended to themselves and their own needs throughout it.

Reopening Higher Education– The Unasked Question

Have you ever avoided taking care of something because you know it will cost more money than you can afford to spend right now? It’s like hearing your car make a weird noise when it first starts up and ignoring it for months that turn into years until suddenly you’re stuck in the parking lot…Read more Reopening Higher Education– The Unasked Question

A Reminder of Good Things

I’ve got a reminder. Though for a lot of people, it may feel like there are so many things cancelled, not everything is. Right now some people are feeling unsafe, we’re missing sports, friends and in person classes, graduations, birthdays, mother’s day that just passed, and so much more. So here’s a reminder of a few things that are not cancelled if you’re open to them.