Firefighters and Fieldworkers– Aiding California’s Essential Workers

Right now, California is on fire. I will be telling you some of what’s happening, but even more so, I’m sharing resources. Not only are these resources about where to find more information on staying up to date consistently as time goes on, but they’re also going to tell more about how to assist two kinds of people: those who are working to fight the fires and those who are working in the fields to keep us fed so we don’t have to.

Natural Disasters Worldwide and How You Can Help

As a young person, I've heard my fair share of "you're not allowed to," or "you can't" when it comes to doing things simply because of my age. And I get it, there are a lot of things that I am not qualified for at nineteen, like drinking legally or renting a car. The qualifying…Read more Natural Disasters Worldwide and How You Can Help