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“When people go for the low blow…”

You have two options here: you either take the high road OR you decide to go just a little bit lower.

So which way do you go?

The thing about taking the high road is that you get to have the full knowledge of what happened and still follow through on being a good person– maybe a little more cautions, but good nonetheless. It lets you be the bigger person, right?

But what about the other option, being petty and deciding to maybe go for the low blow back sometimes? Because if I’m being honest, taking the high road can make a person feel pretty small and maybe, maybe some days you deserve to fight back for yourself a little bit.

This week has been an absolute whirlwind and not necessarily a good one. Among everything else, I got an email on Monday telling me that I am almost at my graduation date… I wanted to delete that email. Because that means that I’m headed out into the real world soon or I at least need to know where I’m going.

I have no clue. Not really.

I mean, how do we figure that out when there are midterms and classes and auditions and articles and homework and work…

And then the drama, there’s always more drama isn’t there? Whether it’s drama in your work environment or even within your relationships, there’s always a little something to top it all off. My mom keeps telling me to take the high road– she’s right, as always, but maybe I want to be a young and slightly petty, reckless twenty-year old sometimes.

Because, well, college is hard.

Most of us are barely sleeping, let alone balancing that with the amount of work there is to do and things to keep track of. Of course, you can’t forget the fun in there somewhere too– with a day of 88 degrees in SLO today, you can bet half of the campus was at the beach.

There’s got to be some kind of balance in it all. And yes, I’m sure you know how I feel about finding that at this point; I talk about it a lot. But remember this: just because you find it, doesnt’ mean it’ll always hold.

Sometimes that balance breaks, into all these teeny tiny pieces that you get to clean up and rearrange all over again. Then it’s got a new weight and a new type of equilibrium to it, a new kind of balance.

Maybe you find that through taking the high road and being the bigger person.

Maybe you go for the low blow instead…

But is there some inbetween?

Like that in-between of being too nice versus being a narcissist. I’m more on the early end of that spectrum, therefore I get stepped on and taken advantage of a lot.


Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash

Maybe my inbetween means changing that.

Among the rest of it, this week has reminded me that some things truly are not always what they seem– authenticity is hard to find in everything we do, especially the people we surround ourselves with. Who knows, maybe I’ll take the low blow or maybe I’ll take the high road. Either way, the status quo here is changing.

So we will see whatever happens next.

2 thoughts on “Why Sometimes, It’s Not About the High Road

  1. Dearest Karina: You are an amazingly gifted, talented young lady. Your thoughts are beautifully articulated. The image of the leaves – a perfect metaphor for the spectrum of emotions WE ALL feel, even struggle to (at times) keep “in balanced, perfect order”. I’d like to tell you it gets easier, but really…not so much easier – but with life and experience, perhaps more manageable. The longer you stumble through this life, the faster you recognize “the scramble” and the sooner you can re-organize the scattered pieces. HOWEVER: an occasional curve ball or completely tumultuous tornado can come without warning and obliterate the “order”. It is in those times where strength from faith shines through. You can keep moving forward knowing that you really aren’t in control of the pieces and trusting that, with time, they will re-settle into a different, dare I say, even better order. Allow the sifting, do not fight against it. Listen to that still small voice that guides you. It guides you on your perfect journey. It opens all the right doors, introduces you to all the right people (and here’s the trick…sometimes “the right people” are only for “right now”…not everyone we meet, stays. And sometimes we try to carry them along for longer than their intended purpose…when you sense something or someone no longer works – let go [there is ONE exception to this truth, marriage has it’s own set of rules…but that is a topic for a different day]). Back to the still small voice…it loves you, protects you (sometimes from yourself). Do not let the e-mails of life become overwhelming and daunting – just connect with the voice and the answers will come, your path will become clearer. And regarding the high or low road…the low road may have it’s momentary pleasure/satisfaction – but it is rarely productive long-term. I agree with your mama, the high road is ALWAYS your best bet. It untangles you and leaves the other person to be judged by the only one who matters. In all things, love – it always endures. Lighten your burden sweet girl!! It is only then that you’ll be able to fly to the heights I suspect are destined for you!! Oh the places you will go!!

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    • As always, I appreciate your words of wisdom; no surprise that you also agree with the whole high road part. Moms are always right after all. Here’s to the right road then, and whatever comes next. Thank you for reading 🙂


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