Bookworms–In the Last Five Years

When I stumbled upon this book, I didn’t realize that the characters in it would be in the same situation but for very different reasons. But it got me out of my life for a little while and into another pair of shoes. Into another city, another life. This story is heartwarming and sad and a slight rollercoaster too, one that I think was worth the (in my opinion) short read. So without further ado, here it is.

Bookworms– Dear Edward

The book I’ve chosen for you today is one that deals with change, the kind that we’re all facing even while it might look a little different. One way or another, your life or those within this book, it’s all a paradigm shift. Maybe you don’t know how to handle it all—trust me, the main character in this book had no idea. So if you give it a chance, you just might find a way while Edward does too.

Five Feet Apart–A Book Review

The Fault in Our Stars, Love, Simon, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, and countless more do what they do well. Each of these was both a book and a movie—and both turned out quite nicely. Sure, my opinion might be a little biased depending on my tastes against yours, but hear me out on this one. Some books just don’t measure up.

Once in a Promised Land– A Book Review

Back at it again with the Bookworms for you today, here we go. This has been our first full month back at school, which unfortunately has me in all English classes— so while I’m doing a whole lot of reading, most of it is not for fun. That being said, my diversity in English Literature…Read more Once in a Promised Land– A Book Review