Slowing Down and Settling In

There’s still a possibility to find comfort in so much that is unknown around us because we know that most people are probably in a similar spot too. If you need a reminder of that, check out this article in the New York Times by Melissa Klein about that awkward in-between state many people are finding themselves in right now. I say lean into it; can’t get out, so why not lean in, right?

A Year in the Making- 2017 Monthly Moments

Have you ever wondered what it's like to sum up the past year in less than 1,000 words? Probably not, but I did it for you anyway because 2017 truly had some unforgettable moments in it. From music to mayhem, here are twelve moments you may have missed this year. January Back in January, the…Read more A Year in the Making- 2017 Monthly Moments

The Open Arms of Change

All great changes are preceded by chaos. --Deepak Chopra Do you want to know something about 2017? Well, if you take a recap from last year, I turned eighteen, graduated high school, committed from one great college to another, published my book, and started my freshman year. But this year has been something I can…Read more The Open Arms of Change

The Beginning of The End– How to Keep Going

And just like that, welcome to the final month of 2017. You know those months where you count down the days, square by square on that calendar, until it's over? Well that was me with the month of November, but not because of how much I love the Christmas season (though I really do). You…Read more The Beginning of The End– How to Keep Going