To Keep or Not To Keep– Pandemic Comfort Habits

Some of us adjusted to the pandemic with new workout routines, more tv time, or new even pets. As people begin thinking about moving forward and masking up less, they will also be going through other lifestyle changes. For those who are immunocompromised, they may choose to still wear masks for their own protection, and for those who choose not to get vaccinated, they will have their own new normal as well. My question is, what about your new routine is something that you wish to keep?

One Good Thing

Sometimes it’s easier, for cleaning or doing dishes when it can be nice to let your mind be somewhere else. But when it comes to chatting with friends, spending time with family, doing work, or just catching up with ourselves, it can be important to stay present. This is something I struggle with, especially the more the pandemic has gone on. So here's something I've started doing that I'm learning to love.

5 Ways to Welcome Fall in the Time of Covid

With work, politics, and even stress a whole lot harder to escape from these days, it seems like we need to build our own. In a time that people are searching for change and looking to make space for a bit more relaxation, now seems like a good time. I’ve personally been getting caught in a rut with both my work and my personal creativity lately— I’m hoping for something to shake things up even a little bit. ‘Tis the season as they say.